Published by Gabriel Oliveira
on September 29, 2021

Express Entry With Work Experience on Different NOCs

It's normal to have work experience in more than one profession, and Express Entry accepts that.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program, however, requires at least one year of work experience in a single profession (NOC).

Keep reading for more details.

Can I have work experience on different NOCs for Express Entry?

Yes, you can.

But to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you need at least one year in one single profession (NOC).

Federal Skilled Worker Program - With Different NOCs

For the Federal Skilled Worker Program eligibility, you need to have at least one year of work experience in only one profession - the one you are applying for.

If you have that full year (or 1560 hours) in one profession (must be NOC type 0, A or B), only then you can start adding experience in other professions (including NOCs C and D), to improve your CRS Score.

Canadian Experience Class - With Different NOCs

For Canadian Experience Class eligibility, you need at least one year of work experience in Canada, on NOCs 0, A or B. And it can be on different NOCs.

That one year of work experience in Canada (along with other factors) will make you eligible for CEC. Now, for the score, you can add other work experiences, including in your home country, or NOC types C and D.


For Federal Skilled Worker Program: For Canadian Experience Class:

Important point to keep in mind:

This topic can be confusing, but the key thing here is to separate eligibility from CRS score.

They are two different things, and independent in this case. Eligibility for FSW requires 1 year in one single NOC. But CRS score considers any work experience, independent of NOC.

If you have any questions, please go ahead and write it on the comments section below - I'll be happy to answer them :)


Mimi Nov 19, 2021 09:43:01

Hi, This is a question I struggle a lot to find a concrete answer to on the internet. I studied Mechanical Engineering but I always had an aptitude for coding so I started working in the IT Sector. I have about 1year and 10 months of experience under NOC 2171 ( from 2020 to present) I also have about 6 months of paid internship experience outside Canada under NOC 2132 (3 months in 2017 and 3 months in 2018)- I did these co-ops during the University summer break. Can I accumulate all my work experience and put it under the required work experience to be eligible for the FSW Program or am I only allowed to use my experience in NOC 2171?

Gabriel (Author) Nov 22, 2021 05:44:36

Hi, so this is what the official website says: "in the same type of job (have the same NOC) as the job you want to use for your immigration application (called your primary occupation)". Meaning, you can only use work experience that matches the NOC you are applying for :\

Monse Dec 12, 2021 12:24:08

Hi! Thanks for the info. I have 1 year in one noc and 1 year in another noc. Both outside Canada. what should I answer in the question how many years of work experience outside Canada you have? 1 or 2 years? (section skilled worker entry express - find out if your profile is eligible)

Gabriel (Author) Dec 26, 2021 04:09:57

Hey :) I think you should answer the time you have on the occupation (NOC) you are using on your EE profile. 1 year on your case, right?

Jojo jose Jan 13, 2022 23:32:28

Hi.. i was wondering my wife has the experience under 2 noc codes ie; 4155(Probation officer)& 4112(lawyer). So will i be able to create a profile for her under the express entry? She has 11months (not continuously)experience as a lawyer and the rest as a probation officer. Since She doesn’t have one year full experience, can I create a profile under express entry?

Karmu Jan 20, 2022 11:47:50

Hey :) I have one year of experience as Administrative Assistant and 1 year of experience as security supervisor. Am i eligible for 2 years of work experience under cec?

Nitya Sep 20, 2022 20:30:16

Hi, I was wondering i apply for PNP, and once i got the points to apply for Express Entry. But I change job in the process, before applying for Express Entry. Will it affect in anyways for me to get my PR?

Marta Oct 10, 2022 16:42:31

Hi Gabriel, you say in your post that work experience in occupations C and D will improve EE CRS score, however CIC website states clearly that "You cannot count work experience in these National Occupational Classification (NOC) categories: Skill Level C, or Skill Level D." The link is for Canadian Experience Class, I didn't find the same information for FSWP. Could you clarify that? Thank you!

DAVID Oct 13, 2022 22:55:00

hello, am David I am applying for express entry, I had 2 years experience under one NOC,3131 pharmacy, then i went ahead to become self employed by opening a pharmacy store, where I worked for myself. Can I combine these 2 NOCs and can the two work experiences qualify for the same NOC- Pharmacist 3131. email-

Harwinder Singh Oct 20, 2022 18:09:04

Im doing noc b code job and at the same time general labour also meams 2 jobs at same time is it ohkay ?

Harsheel Lakhani Nov 01, 2022 23:26:31

Hello . I am doing a noc b (2272) job right now . My work permit expires next year . If i change the noc b to lets say (2273) . Will it count towards total experience ?

Raaj Nov 11, 2022 07:35:55

I am an electrical engineer, working as an electrician in canada . My past experiences were all as an electrical quality control engineer and electrical project manager. Now I want to apply in federal skilled trade program. Will they count my past experiences as a NOC related job experience.

Shummy Nov 17, 2022 10:09:38

Hi, I have more than 10 years of experience in 2 different NOC, A and C back home in my country. After studying in Canada, I have been working for 5 months now in Canada on a NOC B job. Can I change my primary occupation to this NOC B in my express entry profile?

Rajat Gupta Nov 26, 2022 13:59:18

Hi Gabriel I am an accounts payable analyst and few of my work duties match with NOC 1212 and few with 1431 but the problem is for 1212 I am not supervisor (f.e It is written in duties that you need to review the administrative work of accounts payable clerk however I don't review anyone's accounts administrative work but I do the same myself. I have other option as well to choose noc for contract negotiation specialist for procurement but that is relate to the company which I have left 4 years ago. Please guide me

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